Hui Shen

Institute for Solar Energy Systems of Sun Yat sen University

Professor Hui Shen obtained his doctorate degree from the Dresden University of Technology, Germany. He is a professor and a doctoral supervisor at the Sun Yat-sen University. He is currently a director of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Science and Technology.


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the Eastern China Institute of Engineering (now called the Nanjing University of Science and Technology) in 1982, Hui Shen focused on the material microstructure and nano-materials at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, from 1982 to 1992. He worked as a visiting scholar in the Academy of Science of East Germany in the late 1989. From 1992 to 1996, he worked on the nano-scale alloy at the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Materials of Germany, as a Ph.D candidate in the Dresden University of Technology for the doctorate degree in material science. From 1997 to 1998, he worked at the Material Institute of the South China University of Technology on the nano-materials. He led a photovoltaic research team in the fields of solar thermal conversion material and silicon thin film solar cell in the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1999 to 2004. In August of 2004, he founded the Research Center for Nano-Materials and the Institute for Solar Energy Systems at Sun Yat sen University and led the team ever since. His current research interest field covers: the physics of a solar cell, solar cell technology and PV application.


·         Deputy director of PV Committee of China Renewable Energy Society

·         Deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials and Technology

·         Technical expert of PV building applications of China Construction Metal Structure Association

·         Editor at “Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica”, “Solar Energy”(China) , “Materials Review”, and “International Journal of Photoenergy”

·         Member of the International Solar Energy Society



·         First CAS Foreign Funds Scholarship (topic: synthesis and properties research for nano-materials) (1991)

·         CAS “Hundred Talents” project titled “solar photoelectric conversion and functional materials” (1998)

·         Publication of 86 papers and 26 authorized patents since working at Sun Yat-sen University in 2004.

·         Books: "Solar Photovoltaic Technology", “Solar cells (translation), “Nanomaterials and its Utilization on Solar Energy” and “Solar Design” (translation)


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