Xiaojing Hao

University of New South Wales
Associate Professor, UNSW Scientia Fellow Head of emerging inorganic thin film solar cells research group

Dr Xiaojing Hao is the Associate Professor in the School of Photovoltaic   and Renewable Energy Engineering of University of New South Wales. A/Prof Hao   has focused her research on low-cost high-efficiency thin film and   tandem solar cells for more than ten years, researching on various compound   semiconductor thin film PV materials, initially using Si, and then   kesterite, more recently extended to other abundant and   environmentally-friendly photovoltaic materials. Dr Hao now leads a strong   group in the above areas.

A/Prof Hao obtained her PhD in 2010 at UNSW and currently UNSW Scientia Fellow. Dr Hao's team has set a benchmark efficiency of 11% in abundant, environmentally-friendly pure sulphide kesterite CZTS (Cu2ZnSnS4) solar cells, independently certified by NREL. She has published more than 110 peer-reviewed journal papers, including Nature Energy and Advanced Energy Materials, with several awards for her research excellency. She was identified as one of UNSW’s “20 rising stars who will change our world”, and recently awarded the 2018 NSW’s Premier’s Prize for Energy Innovation in NSW. Topic: Beyond 10% efficiency Cd-free earth-abundant and environmentally-friendly CZTS solar cells


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