Wenzhong Shen

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Dr. Wenzhong Shen has made significant achievements in the research of silicon solar cells during the past 5 years, such as p-type diamond-wire-sawn poly-Si and Si passivated emitter and rear cells, and n-type bifacial Si solar cells, back-junction back-contact Si solar cells, Si heterojunction solar cells, and ultrathin Si solar cells. These works have been published in top scientific journals, such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Science, Nano Energy, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research & Applications, and Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. Most of the achievements have further been employed in the mass production. Prof. Shen has also authored two books with the titles of “Physics and devices of silicon heterojunction solar cells” and “Solar photovoltaic technology and application”.


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