Fanying Meng

SIMIT/China;Zhongwei New Energy Co., Ltd.

Fanying Meng received her Ph.D. degree at physical department from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2001. She worked as a teacher in Shanghai Jiaotong University from 2001 to 2011. From 2011 to the present, she joined the Research Center for New Energy Technologies of SIMIT, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She has ever worked on TCO films and CIGS solar cells in Tokyo Institute of Technology for 3 years. Based on the previous research, She has published around 100 scientific papers on the professional journals. At present, she is one member of China Renewable Energy Association Photovoltaic Committee, member of a council of Shanghai Solar Energy Society. Her current research interests involve fundamental and experimental research for high efficiency solar cells, such as transparent conductive oxide film (TCO), high efficiency amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells, surface and interface of Si-based solar cells, to fabricate the low-cost, high efficiency solar cells for  PV industry.


Topic: Road of SHJ solar cells of SIMIT from Lab to Industry


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