RTS Corporation, IEA PVPS Task 1
Director, Deputy OA, Chairperson of Area 14


This paper presents the latest survey results   for the calendar year 2018 concerning PV markets and policies, as well as   other key issues. An increasing number of national markets experienced   notable growth in 2018 with impacts on policy development.

(below is example of 2017, updated data will be provided)

While the final figures for 2017 will continue   to be refined in the coming months, preliminary figures show that around 98   GW of PV systems have been installed in the world last year. Some important   trends observed are as follows: 

• The global PV market grew to at least 98 GW   in 2017, compared to around 76 GW in 2016.

• Asia scored the very first place   again in 2017 with more than 75 % of the global PV market. The market in   Europe stabilized after the decline in 2016. Passing from 6 GW of installed   capacity in the previous year to around 6,5 GW in 2017.

• The Asia Pacific   region installing close to 73 GW in 2017 and is unsurprisingly maintaining   its market development since 2013. This year again, China took the first   place (with 53 GW installed), ahead of the USA (10.6 GW) and India (9.1 GW).   The first European country ranked is Germany with 1.8 GW installed. 

• In the top 10 countries, there are 3 European countries (Germany and UK), 5 Asia-Pacific countries (China, India, Japan, Australia and South Korea), 1 country in Middle East and Africa (Turkey) and 2 countries in the Americas region (USA and Brazil).

• 29 countries had at least 1 GW of cumulative PV systems capacity at the end of 2017 and 8 countries installed at least 1 GW in 2017



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