HongWei Zhou


Zhou HongWei, Male, born in 1982, CTO of TBEA XINJIANG SUNOASIS CO.,LTD, engaged in research and application of solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system.

Topic: Passive Damping Scheme Design for Multiple Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverters With a Common Capacitor

The resonant frequency of the inverter system influenced by the grid impedance is changed with the number of grid-connected inverters as multiple LCL-type grid-connected inverters are operating simultaneously. The active damping algorithm designed for the specified resonant frequency can’t guarantee the expected effect of resonant suppression, and the traditional passive damping scheme needs a large number of devices and has high cost. Therefore, the inverter parallel topology with common capacitor is proposed to realize the control of resonant frequency of the multiple grid-connected inverters by means of the analysis of the relation between the resonant frequency and grid impedance. The passive damping design scheme based on the above topology is given to greatly reduce the number of damping devices and system cost. 


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